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A very very quick summary

As 2012 comes to an end, time seems to have flashed by yet again.

Jan: Went Desaru with the girls to celebrate Mel’s 29th!

Feb: Headed to Hong Kong with the Jap Crew less Davin

Mar: Korean for Honeymoon :)

Jun: Bangkok with Jerm and Shuzie for a double-date-trip

Jul: Finally handed in my resignation after 5 long years on 19 Jul 07

Aug: the GF’s gets married!! so darn happy for them both.

Sep: Finally left my first company. Started as a contract staff on 2 Jul 07 and left on 18 Sep 12. Still love the place, love the people. Joined the new workplace on 24 Sep 12. Quite power i must say.. barely 2 weeks into new work place then i go on 1 week leave. HEH.

Oct: Our 1 year wedding anniversary trip to Bali.. which i roughly blogged about

Managed to squeeze time in for cooking at the start of the year and realised at the end of the year i still love baking more than cooking. I’ve taken photos of the macarons recipe i’ve been testing but so darn lazy to post them up, same for the other cupcake recipes.

I guess life as a salaried working/keyboard warrior really keeps me away from the computer after office hours.

Or rather, any free time available is usually spent on household chores and things that i love like watch dramas and baking.

Well, to send of 2012 and usher in 2013, at least part of the jap crew was down for the 1st steamboat at my place. Although a traditional chinese style steamboat usually has soup darn good by the end of the steamboat session. They seemed to have enjoyed the soup after the 1st round of ingredients.

Thanks Jerm, Sz, Ced, Davin for dropping by to spend the day with us!

Happy 2013!

*no point in making any resolutions. If you will keep them, you’ll never need to make them in the 1st place :)

Wedding Anniversary

It’s been one year (ok and 5 days) since our wedding.. and.. we still owe our photographers our choice of photos for our album. Yes i know. We’re probably the worse kind of clients. Kings and Queens of procrastination.

We spent our 1st year anniversary in Bali.. where we basically just relax and chilled (in the Singapore hokkien lingo. relax and chill – nua) the entire 5 days in the villa that my hubby has booked. For the first time, i didn’t have to go worry about the trip details.. Usually i’ll be the one source for flights/accommodation/itinerary.

We took Valuair and stayed at The Khanyangan Dreams Seminyak (gf’s and bro’s suggestion) which is great. Now, if you’re alright with all the bugs and stuff then i will recommend? Else: we found a little froggie swimming in our pool when we came home one night. That was adorable. I saw 2 rats running past our open kitchen area and luckily it was separated from the rest of the villa by doors. Not adorable. Not to mention your regular mosquitoes/flies/lizards/centipedes. So i got a few mozzie bites but that’s common in places like Bali where our villa was situated on the quieter side.

On our wedding anniversary, i suggested going for river rafting. I think after the experience, the hubby would probably not be keen on rafting anymore. We went rafting at Ayung river for about 12km which took us about 2 hours. Prior to reaching our start point, we had to walk down the steep steps which were carved out from the mountain. At that very point, the hubby said “OMG, if i gotta climb up this after we’re done. I cannot do it” I reassured him saying that “Aiya, river is down stream ma, probably got a pickup or something (based on my experience in Phuket)”. After the raft, when our guide told us we’ve reached our ending point. I looked right up and said “OMFG. We gotta climb all the way up”. -_-

that left me with aching thighs and calves right up to today.

I’m not really into shopping so we only strolled around Seminyak/Kuta square. We went to Sardine (Clara’s recommendation) and Naughty Nuri’s (gf’s and bro’s recommendation) for dinner which were great.

Sardine: Good Ambience. Daily change in menu. Great Service. Good Food. Given for all the thumbs up, it’s friendly on the pocket as well! 2 of us probably cost us about SGD95? We other 2 appetisers 2 mains and 2 drinks

Naughty Nuri’s: OMG the ribs and chops are fantastic. Waiting time was minimal (10mins) although it was full house. Service was fast and only cost us about SGD40 bucks for 1 rib 1 pork chop 1 mash potato and 2 drinks.

Took minimal photos and i’m damn lazy to upload them though.

a funny conversation

After being married for 1 week shy of 11 months, “my ah-lao” (husband) never fails to amuse me with his train of thoughts.

We headed to Parkway for dinner and settled down @ Carls Jr and so while we were deciding what to order, he was taking out cash and then i said “Nevermind, i’ll pay”.

After we’re served and almost halfway into the dinner

Ah lao *mumbled*: “Dear dear, how come today so nice you paid for dinner”

me *raised brow*: “Huh? What you mean so nice? You mean pay for dinner equates to being nice??!?”

He gave me his sheepish grin and then i rattled on “Oh, so you’re used to paying liao? good! then next time i wouldn’t offer to pay anymore!! ((((((((((:”

*look at the number of double chins i have from my big fat grin*

The Farewell begins

and so, another round of farewells for my team..
the 2 contract staff:
1 joining another team within the Wealth family
1 young chap. all for love. heading to Korea to learn the language for his love!

my boss: last day in office tomorrow and it will be mine 2 weeks later! You would think that 2 months notice period is really long.. but time just passes by in a flash!

Quoting one of my friend “Your first job will always be the BEST. Simply, there’s no other point of comparison”

I’ve join the family in July 2007 as a contract staff. Quit the temp job and join as a permanent staff in November 2007. Handed in my resignation letter on 19 July 2007.

5 years. 1 overseas trip to Geneva. Met my hubby. Many great friends.


A Brand New Post

I”ve started a blogging since 2002.. right up to 2008 with a missing span of 4 years since i started work in 07…

Of course, those entries are saved in my hard disk space SOMEWHERE.. which i might/might not dig them out to read.

Age is catching up and nothing is ever private. Unless you live in modern days with no facebook/twitter/instagram accounts.

Or you’re someone who’s technophobic.

Yes, domain is mine but i’m too lazy to get down to maintaining it myself which explains for this .wordpress account of mine right here.

12:27am! time to hit the sack. that’s life for a salaried worker for you.


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